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in the spirit of eric's list, here is my own, really annoying cooler-than thou list: (tragically, I aspired to be cool but never quite hit the mark...)
You know you are "old alternative Toronto" when:
  • You still call the Toronto Film Festival "the Festival of Festivals"
  • You remember when Edge 102 was CFNYand played real alternative music
  • Queen street between Spadina and University was alternative and a little scary
  • You went to Forgotten Rebels Shows
  • At least one person you knew frequented the BFG hangout, "the Fort"
  • You went to the Sneaky Dee's on Bloor and Bathurst
  • Thy By the Way Cafe had a sign that said Lickin' Chicken and there was not goat cheese on the menu.
  • Gypsy Co-op was called Squeeze and it made you feel part of a scene that did not involve buying a converted loft.
  • The Empire had psychedellic Wednesdays
  • The Beguiling Comic shop was on Harbourd street
  • Cafe La Gaffe was a hole in the wall in Kensington Market
  • You could smoke at the Bloor Cinema
  • The Duke of Connaught had live music
  • Young Street had head shops where you could get "citizen of America" fake ID's
  • Buskers included the Barenaked Ladies and The Leslie Spit Trio

    I never went to a forgotten rebels show....

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  • 3.6.2002
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