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So today I am back at the old 7am job. How crazy. It is so fucked up, I won't even talk about it right now.

This weekend I saw the angriest pinball playing couple in the world. They took turns at the machine, kicking it and cussing when they lost. Between games, they did not even look at each other, but stood at the bar, bracing themselves for another game, fortifying themselves with beer occassionally watching the other as their face lit up with the cop-light blinkiness of a bonus round.

Adam and I had a great, great weekend. Talked loads and felt way sexier. It doens't take much.

Don Mckellar spilled red wine my nice tweed dress.

I think I need to travel, and I am perfectly willing to travel alone. How else am I supposed to reach the next point in my personal evolution without completely jarring my sensibilities.

I think I burnt a hole in my nose with the passover horseradish.

Songs I must dance to if they come on:
-little red corvette
-iggy pop--passenger

While Adam and his brother went to see The Rookie (?!), I had a rock'n'roll night at the Bovine and the Dance Cave. Soooo retro.

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