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I went to see a great play Friday night by Daniel Brooks, called The Good Life. Talked about LOVE. Got me thinking. About the nature of love.
I went for beautiful cakes and green tea with Karlen today at the Red Tea Box. We talked all about love. We passed by a used bookstore where the owner looks every bit the part...of a Hells Angel. Bought Diane Ackerman's The Natural History of Love.
I tend to lump Diane Ackerman in with a group of writers such as Bruce Chatwin. I call them Poetic Anthropologists. The combine poetic prose with scientific (if not exactly empirical) "fact," mythology, rumour, and transcribed conversation to establish theories about the nature of humanity: our desires and the math behind our instincts.

I was actually looking for TE Lawrence's 7 pillars, but I did not have find a copy. I have always wanted to read it. Adam introduced me to this Calgarian named Steve who is writing a play about Lawrence of Arabia. I ran into him on Queen Street and pulled him into an art opening (Rebecca's friend Doug Walker who paints watery, twilight dreamscapes) and he gave me the first 7 pages of the play. I kind of love it.

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