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OK, Lisa May, you want to talk about boring jobs? In 1999 I had to rewrite this brochure a million times, and here is one of the last drafts:

The Concordia MBA's (prominent/winning) reputation is founded on innovative programs, expert faculty, and the remarkable accomplishments of our graduates.

The professionalism of our program is complemented by a challenging curriculum. Our motto is to provide "Real Education for the Real World". We apply the most current business thinking to real-world problems, training our students to be pragmatic and resourceful decision-makers.

The success of our program is seen in the numbers: 91% of our students find employment within the first three months after graduation. Importantly, these graduates are hired at a salary level 45% higher than their income before they completed the Concordia MBA (according to Canadian Business magazine).

The professional community has acknowledged the excellence of The Concordia MBA. In 1997, Concordia became the first school in Montreal and only the fourth in Canada to receive the AACSB accreditation from the International Association for Management Education. Concordia's Faculty of Commerce and Administration now joins the ranks of Harvard and Wharton in setting business education standards.

Our faculty has been celebrated internationally for its wide range of expertise.**here is a good place for the quote**. Our instructors combine strong ties to the business community and effective teaching skills. Moreover, our faculty members are accessible, maintaining a relationship of mutual respect with their students.

Our students have the opportunity to network and show their strengths through the MBA International Case Competition. This student-created competition is hosted annually by Concordia MBA students. The MBA-ICC is a forum for the leading MBA students from Canada, the U.S., and around the world to compete against each other. For one week, the students work in teams to present a strategic plan of action for a business case to a panel of judges made up of senior executives. Teams are assessed on creativity, insight and the real-world applicability of their presentation.

It has always been Concordia University's priority to provide an education that students can directly apply to their working lives. The Concordia MBA is no exception. We prepare our students for a world in which they not only meet existing challenges, but also bring inspired and analytical thinking that will shape organizations of the future.

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