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I went up to Oren's cottage this weekend in Muskoka and it was great except I tried waterskiing and all I got was water up my nose and a loss of circulation on account of the mini wetsuit.

Now I am sore all over--my hips, my shoulders... It is difficult to cross my legs.

I saw a Grey Heron when I went paddling with Josh. Majestic.

High density area for cottagers. Too many motorboats on a small lake. Classic moment: me and O.'s brother, whizzing by on the boat. "Look, Loons!" he says, as the terrified loons duck for cover.

If I had a cottage, it would be on a lake with no motorboats. I would paddle down rivers, like a voyageur, with a sash around my waist and a noble look on my face and a brave dog at my side, squinting into the distance. Herons would perch on the tip of my canoe and bid me good morning.

Dreams. Strange, vivid, and troublling dreams. Several every night. Not sure what that is all about. Ice fields and hallucinations. New York was a bike ride away over the Williamsburg Bridge. I had found the ultimate shortcut.

Had a dream at the cottage where Josh and I were in Kensington Market, shopping for T-shirts.
he: "So are you feeling any different yet?"
me: "No, but I am trying"
he: "Me too."
Meaning: he is a wonderful friend and a true soulmate. But I can't, no matter how I try, get myself to feel romantically about him.

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