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See, Matt, pony can happen in NYC.
Why does it always rain when I am on vacation?
So excellent to meet the robot crew. My circuits are overloaded cuz I wanted to talk with everyone. And of course, that is not always possible to do well.

Yesterday, Matt and Rich picked me up at LGA and we had waffles. With Raspberry sauce. Then I went to Jackie's school and hung out with the 5th graders. We made collages. I like collages. The kids were very, very cute. I think the boys thought I was gross, though.

Yesterday to sister Jackie: "Hey, would like you to meet my friends? Um, where do I know them from? Well I haven't actually *met* most of them. er...The internet. Well, it's not like that. I mean they are...well...just come for a beer and see."
She liked each and every robot. equally.
Last night, walking past the Streitz's matzah factory, we got invited inside. We promised we were bringing no hametz on our person (just beer on our breath). I bet you have never had WARM matzah. It was...dry.
OK, so tonight, let's eat BEFORE we drink.

Yesterday, there was a homeless man mastrubating under a blanket on some church steps on central park west. Sometimes I stare at stuff.

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