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Monday and I feel all grumpy and sad. Yesterday after girlie brunch julia and I made a multi-stop plod on our bikes back to her place in the excruciating heat. We had gaspacho for brunch and found ourselves peckish at 6 but wary of the idea of solid food. There was no way in hell we were going to cook, so we took ourselves to Tacos el Asador and had a much needed meal. Showered and passed out at her place and took glamour shots of each other in the gorgeous sunset light.

Julia is making these hilarious collages with celebrity mags and wildlife/home and garden magazines. Gwynneth Paltrow's head on a griffin, Renee Zelwigger's head on a Sheltie. It is creepy and hilarious.

Now it is cool and cloudy and I am feeling decidedly ungrounded. I think I will blame the climate, thank you.
or, conversely, I could blame Adam whose mixed messages of late were bad enough but when he called me Friday, crying with the news of a bad blood test result, I ran to meet him. I could never conceive of the cancer he had suffered 8 years ago until now. And it has shaken me to the bone. because he called me to lean on, and because, good God, it is his life.

On Friday, I got caught under the Starbucks awning, waiting for a downpour to end. I ran into Dale and this guy he used to work with. Who conducted himself like a latter-day lothario. He creeped me out but was harmless, I thinkIf it were highschool and he was not in his forties, he would be copping of feel of the girl passed out on the sofa.
He took pictures of D and me as we gave up and ran into the rain and splashed into the puddles. Sent the pics to me today. He was master of grossly inappropriate innuendo. Check out the line about my pants.

I put the pictures I took during Friday's downpour here:

Would have been better if you'd taken those pants off, but oh well.

See you in the 'hood?

not if I see you first

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