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cottage weekend in the city
Kung-fu Friday at the Royal: saw Tiger Cage with Josh and Paul. It was high-larious 80's HK action.

We wandered over to Trinity Bellwoods and played stick ball with a stick and a gatorade bottle. We were about ten years old, climbing fences, running around, kicking trees with our newly-acquired kung-fu skills.

On the way home I ran into Asia & co. and sitting at the Airport Lounge. I invited them back to my place for a drink in the backyard. lurvely. Met Asia and Julius' friendDaragh and we chatted til 5 after Asia and Stefan left.

The next day was hot. I convinced Paul that it would be a great idea to go swimming in the elora quarry. It was gorgeous--daredevils galore jumping 70 ft. Pictures here. I saw the most ridiculous sunburns ever.

Had a BBQ that night and Julia and Josh came over. We became obsessed with vinegar and baking soda volcanoes. Eventually we made one.

And you know, life is good. Sunday I went for brunch but I suddenly got sad.

Normally I would distract myself by staying and socializing. Instead I went home and let myself feel sad. It wasn't so bad. I walked from room to room, cleaned up a bit, did some laundry, checked out the progress of my vegetable garden and moved through it. The feeling passed. 2 months is not very long, you know, and I am doing really well, I hear.

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