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someone set us up the bomb
You know, I really appreciate culture jamming, especially stuff like this project. (via adbusters).

I remember when I lived in Israel, I would get so peeved the way fads were taken at face value and adopted without basic critical awareness. ie: the grunge toque, no matter how pervasive in North America, did not exactly fit the hot climate of Israel. That fact was incidental to Israelis.

Bruce Sterling, in the Viridian Manifesto writes:"The best chance for progress is to convince the twenty-first century that the twentieth century's industrial base was crass, gauche, and filthy.
"The world needs a new, unnatural, seductive, mediated, glamorous Green."

Green as in sustainable, responsible-consumption, environmentally-aware-kinda green. But make it cool and sleek, and trendy. I tried to explain this to a friend of mine and he said: "Yeah, kinda like taking the dirt out of earthy."

"Culture jamming",(I kinda hate the term, mind you) when it is not done in a preachy, bleak manner (as adbusters, sadly, does these days) is such a fun, smart tool. Anything that makes people think they can talk back to their ads is pretty cool.

Putting the mental back into environmental

This garbage strike that is forcing us to live with our stink is pretty awful, but also pretty awesome. I mean, more than any greenpeace door-to-door birkinstockista, it is making us think about how much *stuff* we use.

You can take it out of your house, you can try to hide it behind a lamppost, but you still have to walk outside and smell your trash.

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