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Andy came up to me at work and asked about Montreal. He reminisced about the time he was walking down the street and saw a beautiful woman. They made eye contact and he said: "You look just fantastic."

He ran a few errands, he said, and then 45 minutes later, he was walking down the same street and saw that woman sitting in a cafe with her boyfriend behind the glass. She smiled and waved. Then she and the man beckoned him to come inside. "My wife just told me the wonderful compliment you gave her," said the man. "And we were wondering if you would like to join us for a drink."

Toronto is like the woman you marry for money. Montreal is the tempestuous one who will give you heartache if you stay with her, he said. 'But I am not so sure about that,' he added.

Thing is, I don't even want to live in Montreal in the long-term. Perhaps I just wish Toronto would do a better job at trying to seduce me.

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