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Wow it was hard to not have the robot for a day...

On Monday night I went for sup with Chris and we ended up walking to Trinity-Bellwoods park where there was an abandoned mini-fair. All these deserted rides with no security guard.

So we sat in the toy car carousel, and tried to scale the castle to get into the ball room, but to no avail.

But it was eerie and dreamy. All those abandoned rides in the darkness. It was so familiar. Like the landscape of dreams I have had.

Does that ever happen to you? You are in a strange light or location that feels like a dream you had that you can't quite pin down or recall?

Or maybe that feeling is not from a dream at all.

I wonder if sometimes that eerie familiarity isn't just a stored memory from early childhood, before new environments could be easily explained or contextualized.

You are 2 years old and brought somewhere in a stroller that affects you and is strange but you don't have the language yet to ask about it. So you store the memory and it pops up again, 27 years later, walking around a dark fairground with a friend.

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