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I told Chris that I have many bourgeois fantasies, including owning a Muskoka(Adirondack) chair. He said "would you like to build one with me?"
I paused. Like, from scratch?
"yes, I have the tools, and we can buy the wood and make it in a day..."

Wow, that DIY thing is something completely unknown in urban Jewish circles. I got a bit dizzy. Yes, I would LOVE to build something. I mean, I think I have spacial sense impairment and I am accident prone in a big way, but geez, I have always wanted to be more salt-of-the earth. This is a bit of an aphrodisiac, I have to tell you.

Later I told him if he were a hockey player, he'd be a Jerome Iginla. I have dated a few Theo Fleury's in my time, and they were trouble on the boil.

Later I apologized for the hockey reference. Sometimes I am not very good at saying romantic stuff.


Chris has eyes that are marmalade and pacific blue. Like perfect sunflowers floating in water. He has a runners body that is lean and long and golden tanned. I have never dated anyone so conventionally cute before. He is thoughtful and sexy and sweet and smart and artistic. But you have to be careful with new love that comes on the heels of old love. Make sure that it is not leftover love that you are serving up.

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