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I don`t have a lot of time on the computer these days, but soon, my friends.
First I must learn French. The entire group is fluently bilingual. I am happy to be here, but feeling displaced, and only now starting to realise the huge sadness at not having Chris around.
I don`t know how I could have made it here without him to help me. The truck broke down outside Montreal. We had to stay in a motel that night at Motel Verdeil where the toilets are sanitized for your protection. I have pictures that I will upload just as soon as I get some of that internet connectivity on my ibook.

last night Ran and his awesome wife Delian (they just got married at a vegas drive-thru chapel) made us gorgeous food and treated us like a honeymooning couple. Started me thinking about the space that two people can create together. I guess you know that your relationship is on rthe right track when you love the space you create around you when you are together. Does that make sense╔

Damn! I am overwhelmed. But change and life are good. Friday I find out where I am going. Apparently in Senegal, they dance in the streets until 5am. I don`t know why I am so entranced by the idea of dancing in the streets. it symbolizes catharsis, abandon, and life lived large.

in French, the word for download is the same as the word for upload: `recharger`.
From Bobby:
I didn't want to ruin anything for your online fans but in case you didn't know, the French word for to download and to upload is tÚlÚcharger.
Damn, I am never gonna learn French at this rate!

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