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Gorgeous Auttumn weekend. Chris came up and we had to vacate the apartment for Meena's parents who were staging a last-minute attempt to dissuade her from moving in with her guy (they are real traditional).

We shacked up at Sefi and Dylan's place and had the huge front room to ourselves with all of Sefi's portraits staring down at us and tons of sunlight streaming in.

Can I tell you how much Chris rocks? I won't get all gross on Pony and I promised this would not be a kiss and tell web log, but the universe is sure a funny place that sends you people when you did not even know you were looking for them.

Last night, Sarah, Jonah, Chris and I went dancing at Bobards for Brazilian night. I love the noodly, angular way tall guys dance. I know that noodly and angular seem to contradict, but trust me.
Always funny to go dancing for the first time with someone you are seeing. But so good.

Said goodbye to Chris and got all weepy like a girl. Eric was sittign outside on his rockign chair with eddy the grey cat in his lap. He brought me wine and a cigarette and let me sit in the rocking chair. sniff.

Happy thanksgiving, fellow Canucks. oops, at Alternatives, they say "Canada AND Quebec."

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