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Happy Birthday, Jackie
My sister Jackie is having a birthday today. And while I know that as the youngest, I have been entitled to more that my fair share of attention in our family, I don`t see why this should change on her birthday. Today, I can`t help but feel that Jackie`s entry into the last year of the 18-34 demographic is all about me.

Please join me in celebrating these facts about Jackie that have made my life all that much easier:

Having an older sister means that as old and out of touch with contemporary culture that I feel, there will always be someone close to me who is older and less in touch.

Jackie is very tall. Although I am a normal height for a woman (5`4), her 5`11 stature has given me the `cute` diminutive label. And allowed her to have the statuesque and glamorous persona. We compliment each other in that way.

ok, ok, I will be a little less jokey:
Jackie taught me:
How to ride a two-wheeler
The gratification of a practical joke well-executed (fake poo!)
How to turn absurd family dynamic into well-honed satire
That you can have several lives in one life. That you can change your mind about who you want to be and what you wanted to do.
ALSO:She let me watch the Littlest Hobo when she really wanted to watch Three`s Company.

Happy Birthday!

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