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For Cory
As promised, here is Cory's donation request. . "I want a blog entry about your endless fascination with porn. With pictures."

If pony were fiction, I would make it up, but the truth is, I don't really dig porn these days. And I was never one of those cultural studies students who went to strip bars and deconstructed desire in the era of conspicuous consumption (but never paid for a dance).

When I was a kid, I used to scour the house for sexual content. Even tampons seemed overwhelmingly endowed with a sexual nature. My mom`s 101 dirty jokes was a collection of...duh...dirty jokes. It lived under my bed when I was around 10. I would compulsively read the jokes with titles like "The Milkman Cometh" or "Stanley the Sperm" and feel a bit sick to my stomach and confused. But I could not turn away.

Later, Anais Ninn blew my mind, as did Nancy Friday's book "The Secret Garden book on female fantasies. Ninn was too floral, whereas Friday's fantasies made me look at plumbers and donkeys in an entirely different way. But there was rarely a point where I said "Yes! that is so ME!" And anyway, that is erotica, not porn.

Porn magazines were anatomical curiosities, but never exciting. Porn movies were stupid. Or were they? I could not remember watching much porn. Perhaps it was time to give porn another chance.

Last year, one of my new year's resolutions was to watch more porn. I rented one soft core German porn involving mostly nipples and lip gloss. It was boring.
I decided to go more exotic and sci fi. So I rented Sex Trek. It was hilarious! Dr. Beaverly Gusher. Captn. Jean Luc Prickhard. The deep space sexual anomaly. One of the actors did gymnastic flips for no apparent reason. But where was the titillation? Each sex scene was exactly the same. Hole 1. Hole 2. Hole 3. Splooge in face. Every get sperm in your eye? And the women, for all their huffing and grunting, looked like they just wanted it to be over already. I started to feel sorry for the women. Ouch! Why did the guys have to slam so hard. I felt the opposite of sexy. I felt kinda sad.

So yeah, I have given up on the porn thing for now. Not to knock it. I am sure there quality pr0n out there. Any recommendations?

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