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I have been a bad, bad word maker these past few weeks. I do apologize. Much fundraising activity and loads of pre-trip minutiae.

I am trying to figure out whether I should take malaria pills or not. Or perhaps I should take the homeopathic ones? Any suggestions, world travellers?

Last night's show completely rocked. Tomas Jensen, Manouche, and Lederhosen Lucil put on fabulous shows. Lucil wears a alpine swiss hat, lederhosen, a shirt and tie, and a blonde wig. She speaks in a fake German accent and coyly tells the audience: "I am going to sing you a polka. Eets realllly creeepy. No, it's a polka!" and other gems.

Manouche was a gypsy klezmer, high energy gorgeousness. Tomas Jensen rocked-out with international French and Spanish tunes. He is a huge star for the Francophone community.

Sunday night we had our Indian night. Meena danced traditional South Indian dance and we made loads of food. Whatever you do, don't let me make sag paneer for 50 people ever again. If it was not for Chris' love-inspired concession to serve as the omega man and wash 3 industrial sinks worth of spinach, I never would have gotten it done.

And Chris was here for the weekend. Lovely, lovely Chris. I like him enough.

Oh yeah, and they traded Shayne Corson from the Leafs. Who is Darcy Tucker going to room with on the road? Could you believe Saturday night's win over the Flyers?

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