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I am a bit frustrated today. Perhaps it is my issue with authority, but I wish I had more control over this internship. I am so frustrated with feeling out of the loop, with not understanding what I am going to be doing or where I might be living in India. I think the organizers take it for granted that we share a vision of how things will go, complete with a code of conduct we are not privvy to. But most of us are confused. They want us to trust them when we hardly know them. They can be very paternalistic for a bunch of anti-imperialists.

I am almost thirty. I wanted to work overseas. I feel like a first year university student going on an exchange program. This is not what I had expected. Ah well, at least I am not paying for it.

On a good and shallow note, I got a very nice haircut yesterday. I was stressed and the hairdresser gave me an aromatherapy head massage. Lovely! I was just getting relaxed, closing my eyes and letting go when the owner of the salon came up and said: "aaah, dat feels good, no?" Totally harshed my mellow.

When I was in England, I remember that older men would interrupt my stories and say: "You're lovely." It was so unexpected and sweet, I inevitably forgot what I was saying. If you ever want to shut me up, compliment me. It works!

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