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tomorrowtomorrowtomorrow I go to India.
I need to finish packing. How do I pack for 80 degrees in the day and 50 at night?
too much stuff.
Going to meet Sarah for dinner tonight.
Friday night lovely dinner party with Bobby, Eric, Jonah, Ariel, and Sarah. I tried to play Rich and Matt's music game (if you had to have sex to one of the following songs, which one would it be...), but it died down after a few rounds. So we played Kelly's "Death is not an option" game which got weird and ended abruptly when we started talking about each other's moms.

Right now I smell like wood fire. If you are in MTL, go to the church at the corner of St. Laurent and St. Joseph. They have mulled wine and fire eaters, and musical acts in a glassed-in sugar shack and heating bubbles you climb a ladder to get into. It was my last great taste of winter. One of the fire stick jugglers tapped my shoulder and pointed up to his friend on the roof: "Faites attention! Il va allumer des etoiles" (look closely: he is about to light the stars.) His friend blew clouds of fire up to the sky.
Holy shit. I am going to India.

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