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Chaleh Jaoh=scram
Got to learn to bargain beter. Got to figure out how to get the children who swarm me to scram. I think I pulled a muscle trying to shake them off. 5 kids literally hangin off my arms, trying to pull my watch off in a suburb of Delhi. Copying my voice when I say "neih". It was intense. I did not want to hurt them. But they were impossible to shake until I met the eyes of an indian man who had them shoo.
Kashmir for visit on Monday to see the org. srinagar for 3 days then back (of course we will fly, and no, it is decided that we will not be living there). Will be possibly working for the Kashmir Foundation for Peace and Dev. , but only building them a small"about us" site from Delhi (no living in Kashmir or Jammu).
Sasha and I decided to tackle Orissa together.
3 months in Deli is too gross.
Kashmir, Rajasthan (1 week), Bombay/Mumbai, Hyderabad for Asian Social Forum, then Bubaneshwar, Orissa. Then back to Delhi 1 month later!
WHew. I am dying to tour the South, but that will have to happen later.
I need espresso! My head hurts.
But I am still thrilled to be here.

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