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Rajasthan: The colors!
Kashimir to be continued.
We drove to Jaipur today through the most phenomenal contryside that went from smelly city to lush fields to near desert. Everywhere the air was fresh and bougainvellia (sp?) blossomed.

I am feeling a bit under the weather, but it could be due to the new malaria pills (I buckled since I am now in warm climate and got bitten 3 times in Delhi).

The colors! The women here are stunning in their fuscia and yellow turquoise and sparkles and they are so different from the metropolis of Delhi and the fear of Srinagar. The stare at you coyly in the eye and don't look away.

Arrived in Jaipur this afternoon. It is called the pink city but I think it is more salmon.

I am not a big fan of the city so far. We got lost and swarmed by children in an alleyway of the old city who wanted to show us the city palace. Very disturbing. As kate says, you don't know if you want to shake them off them or take them home.

I also saw:
A dog dying
A child pooing in the street who shouted out "hello!"
An aggressive tout who, when we tried to pretend to be French or mentally retarded, shouted: "what's the matter, you don't like to talk to Indians?"
The maharaja's palace
a beautiful hotel (where I am now) with a pool, terrace dining, a dog named jumbo and an owner who introduced himself as "the colonel".
tomorrow we go to see tigers. It is our vacation, ok?

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