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Leafs in second
So the leafs are in second position in the East and that is all I logged on to find out, after reading a bit of NYTimes and Mother Jones online. But then I notice something:
It appears that there is a uniform you have to wear if you want to fight this war in Iraq.

check it.
With the exception of my father who somehow thinks they will blow up Canadian Parliament if we don't hop on the Gulf War II bandwagon, I have not met anyone who can make sense of this warmongering and actually supports bombing the hell out of Iraq.

Really, I want to know. Is there anyone I know who supports a war effort? Is there anyone who feels the hawkish rhetoric being spewed out has substance?

If you do, does that mean you have to wear the uniform?

Chris vomited last night and I feel sick too. We are trying to Pai but first Chris has to change his flight reservation. Is there anything more incompetent thatn a thai travel agency? It is impossible to get in touch with Air Canada.

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