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So after getting March's rent from Aaron, I forgot to remind him to deposit April 1st rent. D'oh! So I was overdrawn again. THank the powers that be for super-moms (namely mine) who deposited a whack of cash in my account so that I could finally have access to my credit card for the journey home. (bank card still not working. Attention to all travellers: have a backup card).
In Amsterdam I realised my visa expired on April first. APril fool indeed.
But it is OK.I met a TIbetan monk named Matthew on the plane from Delhi. He turns 29 tomorrow, is newly-ordained (by the Dalai Lama) from Colorado Springs, and sitting beside me in a maroon robe and matching shawl. He leant me 80 Euros (I said 20 would be more than enough, but he insisted) and gave me his mom's address so that I can send her the cheque when I get home. \

We have eaten rich pastries, drank espresso, and talked about meditation, compassion, and mindfulness in the most un-hokey way imaginable. I think I want to meditate when I get home. I am serious. Know any good books?

It is cold in Amsterdam. My fingertips are numb. My pants feel thin. Montreal, here I come.

Kato, I think a geek rumble is definitely in order. Geeks? Your help is required.

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