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envelopes, tubs and grasping
It is very earnest here. Not a whole lot of wit at hand.
They just asked me to come in on Monday. I said yes. Not because I am not looking for other work. I just want a breather from the search.
And I get to go for lunch with Chris. today we went for chinese buns at the Yung Sing.

Last night, after Chris and I got our haircuts, we were walking along college and saw the girl who has the gallery/shop at the corner of Palmerston. She was having a peace protest/hot tub party on the street with webcams and the participants (her beer drinking friends) linked up to EEG's to monitor their brain waves.
her name is Ariel. I think she is part of the McLuhan Institute/Interaccess crew.

This from the website:The latest in hysterical relaxation: a communal bathing experience via a network of Internet-connected baths. EEG will be used to protect your innermost brainwaves to biofeedback bathers in other places. Attendee advisory: BYOBAT (Bring Your Own Bathingsuit And Towel). This event is open only to non-ODD attendees.

I flushed full with feelings when I saw that. I mean who doesn't want to be a wacky, innovative multimedia installation desinger
with a dadaesque flair and smart, politically charged humour.

Really, there should be a word when you see something and are struck both with hope and a feeling that is a cousin of jealousy: "Oh, I wish that that was me, or at least that those were my friends, that I created on that level..." But instead I went home and ate toast with molasses and peanut butter and brushed my teeth with my electric toothbrush, and fell asleep all spooned up.

If I were a Buddhist, I would tell myself to stop grasping.

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