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Does anyone know of a cheap, reliable non-bell option for high-speed service in Toronto?

I really need to get some paying work. It has been absorbing relocating and getting used to being back, but it is about time that I aspired to gainful employment. My tarot card reader who warned me about the injury also told me not to commit to anything career in the next two months. That two months is coming to an end. And as much as I am enjoying playing tennis and having coffee in Kensington Market, the reader said the time ahead would not be brought forward without a lot of hard work.

That can be fun, too.

Chris, who is also between jobs since the election was re-scheduled (sadly/happily he works again tomorrow), has been the most awesome playmate and the most awesome moving/unpacking partner.

Fun things Chris and I have done in the past few days:

Sprayed ourselves liberally with "Charlie" and "Jovan" perfumes at the drug store and strutted down College.

Made collages at two in the morning.

Played tennis without a net.

Went to a drowned-out food festival in Little India with Josh and ate Pani Puri (with 'safe' Canadian water).

Ate fish and chips at Chippy's.

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