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The yoga district
I have realised that I live in the Yoga District. There are five yoga studios in a 3-block radius of my home, each one hipper than the next.

This is a bit of a problem for me, cuz while I am a huge yoga advocate,I can't actually afford yoga classes and I lack the space or focus to do it at home.

Whereas on College, I was daunted by the snappy dressers and Sotto Voce wine lushes with good hair product, Queen West is destined to make me compare myself with the yoga crew.

Just look at them, walking down the street with their yoga mats with funky carrying bag, their lulu lemon yoga outfits, and their 80 dollar haircults pulled back into ponytails that sway in time with their purposeful stride.

See them emerge from Ashtanga levelII, with ostentaciously stretched limbs and obnoxiously blissful expressions. See them pop into the juice bar for their revitalizing vegetable juices before returning home to walk their purebred dogs.

Do you like them?

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