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Eye contact
I have always had a hard time maintaining eye contact. I get shy.

I know, I keep an online running commentary on my life* and I may be an extrovert. So how come eye contact makes me feel like I need to look away?

Don't you ever feel like there is just too much information in the eyes?. It is overwhelming. I lose track of what I am saying/hearing in the face of all that ocular information.

But I am trying to get over it. For one, I think people don't trust you unless you can sustain eye contact for a good chunk of time.

I have been experimenting on strangers. And it is the most amazing thing. I urge you to try it out:

1. Find yourself on a bus or walking down the street or wherever, and meeting someone's eye.
2.Resist the urge to look away.
3. Hold the stare for 1,2,3,4 seconds, then smile as neutrally and kindly as you can.

It kind of makes you catch your breath. It kind of makes your stomach flutter. If you are a woman, try it first on other women (it could be loaded with the opposite sex).

*(the word 'blog' has been removed for rich's reading pleasure)

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