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Two shout-outs and a new home
Last night i came home and Chris had bought Jamiesons. I love to sip a glass of whiskey on a cold night.

Honkey Cracker Chris in Boston had left me a voicemail message with his Dave Matthews Band imitation, and ladies and gentlemen, it was a feat of magnificence.

I decided to call Boston and hear it again. Yay telphone technology! I forget that I can call the robots on the phone (you guys never crank call me anymore). I was so stoked to hear his voice, I decided to return the favour with my Kate Bush imitation, one I do seldom, as it is very loud.
(I can also imitate Doris Day and Joni Mitchell. )

At this point I feel like I should mention my friend Mike. Hello Mike.

Did I mention that Chris and I found a place to live? It near College and Ossington, it is a1st floor of a house, beautifully and intricately restored from the 1930's. It has an urban back yard, a place to compost, room for the king-sized bed, a gas fireplace with porcelain tiles and an old-world feel. Also, the landlord went on her feeling, rather than asking us our earning specifics.

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