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things I read today
  • Margaret Cho calls on Arnie to terminate his campaign. (via Gawker)

  • I know, I know, Flash Mobs are *so* played.
    But I think it is so rich that India, a country of violent, disorganized (hello New Years) and organized (hello Gujarat) mobs, can find its way to Flash Mobs. Read about: India's First Flash Mob (via Silklist)

    I admire members of the left for their their desire to throw back the curtain and expose hard truths. But in (my limited reading on) the search for a democratic candidate, those truth seeking voices seem to have shut down important critical dialogue in the breathless urge to crown a leader.

    Both Howard Dean and Wesley Clark have "smart guys" like Michael Moore and Al Franken talking them up.

    But before I attend any coronation, I need to read a bit more critical material about these proposed messiahs. Here are a couple of articles of interest on Clark and Dean:

  • From Wesley Clark morphing to our wishes? Record Shows Clark Cheered Iraq War as "Right Call"

  • From The Nation: Howard Dean"Dean said some welfare recipients "don't have any self-esteem. If they did, they'd be working" and scaled back Vermont's welfare program, reducing cash benefits and imposing strict time limits on single mothers receiving welfare assistance. "

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  • 10.7.2003
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