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My weekend in Bullet Points
  • Saw Tokyo Dolls show after work at the design exchange.
  • Sarah came to town. Made dinner at Chris' place Abi and Dylan
  • Next day met for brunch at Red Pepper (Clozbe). We waited 1 hour for food, but got free juice and coffee.
  • wandered around market and people watched. Decided that the market is more exciting than Mile End.
  • Went home and played tennis with Chris until it got too dark.
  • Went to Club 56 in Kensington for SuperHeavyReggae night with Joey Paul Sam, Sarah Dylan Doug Asia, and Chris. We did not dance. No one there was dancing when we left with a nacho craving and went to nostalgic Sneaky Dees.
  • Got seven crank call messages from Boston.
  • Went north to Tottenham on Sunday for Thanksgiving dinner with cousins. Brought up uncle Jack who is 81 and just got dumped by his girlfriend and was wearing it like a badge of honour.
    Chris and I got a sweet walking tour of their property from Cory (11) who is the coolest kid. Played fetch with the two golden retrievers who were like a two-headed mass of fur and energy. As the name denotes, those dogs are crazy about retrieving.
  • Went to Riverdale farm and saw ponies and ducks and turkeys. Apologized to turkeys for my gluttony the day before.
  • Rode the Don Valley Trail with Chris. Stopped in at Jetfuel on the way back.
  • Read my book that is a bit disappointing in a literary sense, but very addictive in a spy novel sense.
    Fell asleep late.

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  • 10.14.2003
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