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Hallowe'en I
Of the three sisters, Lisa was always the most easily spooked. One day in mid-winter we were both bored out of our minds, but it was too cold to go outside.

Backgrounder: When I get bored, I can get slightly sadistic.
I have this devil voice that I do that really scares her, so when Lisa asked me a question, I answered in my deep, growly, devil voice.

"Adina's not here…."
I laughed maniacally.
"Stop it! Just talk normal".
Moohahahahaha. "I am clearly not normal. Li-isa, I will get you…"
This went on for a while, with me refusing to drop the character, and Lisa demanding fearfully that I "sto-op it!".
Eventually she ran and locked herself in the bathroom and did not come out for a while.

I pondered what to do next. I thought: "What the hell, let's turn this up a few notches." I took a knife from the kitchen along with the sharpener and proceeded to sharpen it outside the bathroom door. Nothing. Not a peep. Yawn.

You'd think I would have read a book at this point, or something, but NO-O. I staked out a hiding place and waited for about 15 minutes for Lisa to finally emerge.
"Adina?" she called, timidly. I waited. Three Mississippi, two Mississippi, one Miss…..
I have never heard a 21-year-old woman scream so loud.

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