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if you don't vote, you lose your right to kvetch
If you are in Toronto, go out and vote. Polls are open until 8. If you don't know where to vote, go to to this site to figure out where to exercise your franchise. (I had 3 dreams about voting last night.)

the Meatrix
The factory farm meets Moofeus, shatterer or illusions.
Activism with a sense of humour (via ashidome)

Viewer Discretion is Advised. Filmmaker indiscretion a pre-requisite.
What a travesty!
Did anyone see "Saving Private Jessica Lynch" last night? Was it meant to be a comedy? O.K, enough, you know my type - the type that likes what they don't like. That enjoys watching truly bad T.V. in order to practice their latest 50 cent words in a fit of arch hilarity. Sometimes, I hate people like me.

Given that this was played out as fact, not artifice, what chance is there that its patriotic target audience will know they've been swindled out of the truth?

One of the last lines in the "film" involved the US general, post "rescue" saying: "They'll probably say it never happened". who is he referring to? The Iraqi's? The Media?

Even Private Lynch herself says her story was manipulated for propaganda.

"Aaccusations that she'd been raped were disputed by appalled Iraqi doctors who first treated her, and the army was accused of insensitivity and racism for awarding Lynch a full disability pension while others from her ambushed maintenance company, including Shoshana Johnson, the black cook wounded and captured by Iraqis, will receive barely a third of Lynch's discharge package.

Lynch now questions why her rescue was filmed: 'They used me to symbolise all this stuff. It's wrong. I don't know why they filmed it, or why they say these things.' "


a re-posted research piece, originally from The Toronto Star

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