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Smokeless 04
I quit social smoking this year. And it is harder than cutting down. Chris and I both quit, and stupidly tested ourselves by heading to the Commnunist daughter where I annoyed everyone with a twitchy leg and shredded coasters.

Anytime one of us felt a niggle of temptation to smoke, we would visualize the other in a hospital bed, gasping with a respirator (we would even make gasping sounds to encourage one another, a charming party trick, for sure).

Take that, big tobacco! (photo by Josh)

Kudos for Richard K. for starting the cold turkey.

For the record, in the case against smoking:
1>Dying nasty death
2>Making loved ones watch you die nasty death
3>The Man
4>Stinky everything
5>Premature aging
6>Numb fingers in winter
7>Advertising for big tobacco
8>The hideous wrinkly mouth smokers get.
9>Only one in every six is actually enjoyable.
10>oh yeah, visit any old age home and the ex smokers/smokers are the fucked up ones in wheelchairs and the hospital ward. The non-smokers can at least get about a bit without having to call wheel trans.

The reasons to smoke hardly stand up. I am going to try to be honest here:
1>The private moments you can take away from work, social scenes, stress.
2>Makes you feel vaguely badass
3>Helps digestion
4>cameraderie with fellow smokers
5>A way to measure time/separate events
6>A way to reward yourself for completing something
7>I know this is going to get flack, but hell, some people look cool smoking. I, however, am not one of them. Neither are you.

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