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So tell me a bit about yourself, Mr. Kerry
if you are American, you might think it is weird that a Canadian is keen on following the democratic leadership race in the states because maybe you don't even know the name of our new Prime Minister (Paul Martin) and is it really my business anyway?

I have never followed US politics the way I do now. Ever since the bizarre subversion of democracy/voter franchise that saw GWB elected, I have been riveted. Am I making sense? I believe that nothing in my lifetime will have as much impact on the future as the presidency of Dubya.

I know my writing gets uber-morbid in the winter, but here goes: At least once a week I dream about the end of the world. My apocalyptic dreams usually involve me and a select group of people meandering through dessicated urban landscapes, searching for essentials. Anything can trigger these dreams: from an article about oil drilling in Alaska to watching an episode of the too-bad-to-be-real CSI Miami.

Empires rise and crumble. That's what they taught us in high school, right? The dramatic irony of stumpy Ozymandias, and his hollow bragging. Entropy. And this is embarassing to talk about. I feel like i sound all preachy and amateurish. But some forces accelerate the inevitable crumble. And it is giving me crazy dreams.

Yesterday, Nate was saying that he doesn't think the democrats have a chance in hell of winning the next election. Sorry to get all partisan on you, but that just sounds too bad to be real.

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