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Friday Confessions
Tech Confessions:

I don't understand RSS or how syndication can be used to enhance my life.
I don't know how to use most wireless devices.
I hate cellphones.
I don't know the diff between wiki and wifi
I still use emoticons when I type emails because as dorky as they look, they take unintentional barbs out of content.

Other confessions:
I was at the doctor yesterday and he gave me a clifford the dog bandaid after I got my final hepatitis vaccination. I wish I were still wearing it.
I am obsessed with spicy Indian pickle, specifically mango pickle.
It gives me heartburn, but if I could, I would eat it all day with parathas.
I use my mittens to wipe my nose, then I grab public railings.
I think I am a member of the "working poor"
I have a really funny story involving the word cervix, but I don't want you to imagine my cervix. You're not, right?

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