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Classic films I napped during as a child
1. Shoa (I was 10)
2. Gandhi (8)
3. Dr. Zhivago (6?)
4. Fanny and Alexander (11?)

These were my impressions:

1) Shoa was sooooo long and depressing. I was really young. I remember I went out into the lobby and all these friends of my family were milling about the lobby talking more quietly than they ever did after synagogue.

2) Gandhi was Indian. Gandhi wore a suit, and was watching people get killed. Scary! I woke up, Ghandi was wearing a sheet and leading a bunch of people on a march to the sea to make salt.

3) Dr. Zhivago. My god that was long. I was wearing a velvet skirt and party shoes. I tucked my feet under my bum and made a pillow out of my coat. I liked that song, though. My music box played that song. I woke up and a guy with a moustache was riding a horse through the snow.

4) Fanny and Alexander. Why does Lisa always want to see the sad, long, weird movies? Ingmar Bergman, not Ingrid Bergman. I feel scared and kind of nauseated throughout the whole movie, but then we get to go for tartufo ice creme on Robson Street.

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