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Ice, eh?
Winter is so weird. I sat for a while before class today in the window at Timothy's across from Old City Hall and listened to an entire hour of Abba. The window is at ground level, and I got to watch everyone walk past in their winter coats. Business people with their pinched winter faces unknowingly kept stride to "money money money, not so funny(?). In a big man's world.". Kids in ginormous clothes eating hot dogs seemed the embodiment of "takeachance on me". All the crazies heading toward the mecca of Yonge Street shook their heads tragically to the strains of Fernando.
What is it about this time of year?
The slightest thing can bring me to sentimental tears or defeat me. A bad design choice can slay me.
It is warm enough to unravel my scarf, and I am so excited cuz it is getting warmer. But then nothing is melting. Or it melts a bit, then temperatures plunge, creating greyish skating patches on sidewalks.
Pet peeves of the moment:
The guy holding open both double doors so that the restaurant never feels warm.
The man behind me on the streetcar who evacuates his nasal passage into his throat, 2 inches beside my ear.
The lady who picks at dead skin on her fingers, examines it, then flicks it away.
The person who did not cover their face when they sneezed and sprayed me.
Stinky snowsuits. Grumpy streetcar drivers. Too cold to look up at the sky. Snow too hard to toboggan. Ass too winterlicious to layer.
Stores that never took down their xmas decorations.
Josh Groban
Being ridiculously broke while waiting for a new payment schedule to kick in.
Student loan payments

NIce things:
The woman who paid for my streetcar when I only had bills.
Old Italian men in parkas walking in pairs down college street.
The dazed smiles on faces when the sun came out.
The mushroom soup Chris made last night that warmed my belly.
Getting Mcsweeney's Thrilling Tales from Rich Robot via my wishlist (!)

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