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bathroom etiquette
When I was a really little kid, I was obsessed with bathrooms. I always wanted to know what they looked like, and I would grab the hand of a sister and demand that she lead me to the bathroom, where I would peer in the stall, turn on the taps, maybe even go pee.
The reason behind this obsession stemmed from an incident when I was around three. My maternal grandfather's family would do these smorgasboard brunches in the suburbs of Vancouver. The kind of buffet with the sundae cups layered alternately with pudding and cool whip would be topped with chocolate shavings and a maraschino cherry.
I loved them. at one venue, there was a bathroom with toilets designed as thrones. I had never seen anything finer. I took a seat, leaned against the gilted back, and lingered for ages, swinging my feet and listening to my fellow bathroom users. Eventually, someone had to lure me out with the promise of jello.
The bathrooms at the new job are awful for a lot of reasons. There is nothing comfortable about them. The lighting is horrible. There are gaps between the door and the wall, so that people checking themselves out in the mirror can see you do your business. There are two stalls right beside the door that are not directly facing the mirror, but if there is one person already in a coveted stall, it feels kind of weird to use the one next to them. And I don't want to make a public voiding any more difficult than it already is. I can tell this makes everyone uncomfortable. Should I address this issue? To whom?

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