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Buying the pitcher
Last night was yet another no-holds-barred gourmet feast by my lovely mother. I did a coles notes version of the seder. Then we feasted. We almost had a matzoh ball crisis. But then it subsided.

Two albums I am loving again: Modest Mouse: The Moon Over Antarctica
Neko Case: Beaver (esp the song I Wish I was the Moon. Someone once said she has a voice that could make a dog cry.)

You know, it has been a big pain in the butt to be so skint this year. Here I am sounding so materialistic. I know: deeply tacky to talk about money. And, yes could we have some global perpective. Hello first world myopia. But with financial stability now in sight, I am looking forward to the following:

"Buying the pitcher". You know the scenario: It comes to on a tray. I reach for a twenty and buy it for the table with genuine nonchalance.
Live music
A visit to New York to see some family developments first hand (the matzoh ball in the oven)
Organic food
Bike repair (maybe a better bike)
A haircut
Yoga classes
Fancy cheese

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