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To all my friends who tried to quit smoking with me
I win I win I win.

now the gloating part ends and the guilt part begins:

Yeah, I may have had a drag or two. Ok, so I had a whole one the other night over a drink.

But I never bought a pack and you did. This may seem like nitpicking to you, but having quit three times at least, I know it is really all over when you buy the pack.

I know this is an addiction and I should be more tolerant, but hey, I thought we were in this together! Was I not supportive? could I have been a better co-quitter? When you grow up and have co-quitters of your own, I hope they dissapoint you too, then you will understand what it is like to be the last one (ok, the last two including chris) standing.

Now the guilt part ends and the pedantic part begins:

You think this is none of my business, that it is between you and your ciggies, but you are asking your loved ones to take care of you when you get some gross hacking preventable respiratory illness or cancerous disease.
Another tack: You read your no logo and manufacturing consent, and you still feel Ok give money to eeeevil big tobacco, companies that knowingly kill people with impunity. Would you give that much to a charity?

Hey, I've got an idea can read that book everyone talks about. Do hypnosis, go on the patch.
That, or just own up it Fran Leibowitz style, and be a smoker.

Things that still make me want to smoke:
5 in the morning
Feeling Angry

Ok, enough about this. Maybe I am a bit jealous that you get to leave parties and hover is little intimate smoke clouds on the porch, or bond with different departments at work on the smoke deck. yeah, and maybe I have put on a few pounds since I quit. But I still win, right? And I definitely smell good.

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