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In Israel, they used to have this political talk show called popolitika where various pundits would get together and debate with unflagging energy and conviction. It was pretty addictive.

Last night, I went with Chris to Olivia Chow's nomination meeting for Trinity Spadina. Jane called us to come help collect donations. A lot of familiar political keeners were there, from JM, the cbc radio reporter, to people I worked with on the equal marriage website. Everyone was clad in orange and green, and covered in that cold sweat that will cover everyone in the next month of intense campaigning and fundraising.

And what can I say in this first post of the federal election? I hate groupthink. Cheering and flagwaving makes me cringe. All that hyperbole and fingerpointing makes me want to crawl under a pew. But I can't think of an effective, alternative way to convey political messages in the 30-day election period.

So we, and other people who were there, too, I imagine, struggle with our inherent distaste for campaigning. Because we want to support progressive leaders. Because we have a sense that they are good people who we want to elect.

Like someone who shows up in jeans to a semi-formal function: I just want to feel comfortable, and I'm not implying that anyone is overdressed. And I really want to be here (even while other parts of me are rebelling).

But I am sorry, I am not going to hold a sign, ok?

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