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A Dutchie is NOT A Donut
We hired this lovely young woman from Thunder Bay who is ethnically Phillipina and a T-Bay native through and through. She came back from a weekend visiting her home and brought us, as promised, these cinnamon buns with pink icing called Persians. Apparently they are only available in Thunderbay.

They are sticky sweet sugarbombs and I can smell them from my desk.
Me: why are they called Persians?
Her:I have no idea why they're called that. They're not from Persia, they weren't invented by a Persian (I don't think) but if they were, why would said person name them "persians"?

Which reminds me of this story Emily tells about stopping at a Tim Hortons on her way to Peterborough and went to buy a dozen donuts. She was served by a very polite Pakistani woman who put her maple glazed, chocolate iced, Hawaiian sprinkles in the box. And…yeah, "two Dutchies," instructed Em.
The woman behind the counter straightened her back, and in the posh-est tone imaginable said:
"Madame: A Dutchie is NOT a donut!"


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