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Losing it
I really want Portugal to lose this friggin' cup.

Chris and I have been driven out of the house on victory nights. tonight we went to see the corporation, a great documentary about the history of corporate behaviour that was weighty and watchable. It was totally riveting, and the people who spoke were measured and articulate. They talk about how the constitutional amendment (14th), which was originally created to protect freed slaves post-civil war, ultimately allowed corporations to demand rights as a person, and the ramifications of all sorts of decisions, that seemed minor to judges at the time, but allowed them to do shit like patent life forms (see: human genome project). Scarier than 28 Days Later ;) If you have not seen it (I think I am the last of my friends to see it), go rent it.

Personally, I hate that I have difficulty retaining facts that support my sentiments. I can read great journalism, witness fabulous debates, and watch great documentaries, but when pressed to defend my convictions, I find i lack the expertise and facts at my fingertips to drive home my points. (It always seems so contrived to take notes but maybe I should start).

Ok, so today on the news, we heard about this man who was about to go postal at a park. He had even purchased guns and ammo, and was all set to set up his killing operation when a friendly puppy came up and greeted him, prompting the man to commit an abrupt about-face and turn himself into police. Puppies save lives! (Nota Bene: I bet that man was driven to contemplate it in the first place because he lives in Little Portugal).

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