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Election-lection, what's your direction?
A new government, and a minority one at that. As much as I am pleased that the Harper is not PM, I found this election so negative and full of fear-mongering.

Strategic voting may be what kept Olivia Chow, my choice for my riding, from defeating the perennial back-bencher and Liberal incumbent. And for anyone who had to endure two terms of Mike Harris in Ontario, that fear is legitimate, if ill-placed. I am truly sad that Olivia did not get her seat. She is a smart, energetic, and progressive person. And I just like her.

I am not sure why I didt post more about the election. I was glued to the tv last night as the results poured in fearing a Conservative upset. But when it became clear that was not the case, I was stifling my yawns.

Maybe it is because a moderate party, like the victorious Liberals, without a progressive agenda, has the plodding, numbing way of shifting the dirt around. And while a minority gov't gives more voice to the opposite ends of the spectrum, I think that the next while will be filled with shrill posturing and suspender-tugging, and few great moments. In the end, I think most of us are coming away with: Ah well, it could have been worse. At least it is the status quo. How cynical is that?

In the meantime, man! I an riveted by the US election in November. Really Bad Guys vs. the Less Bad Guys. Now there is a campaign to watch!

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