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Things girls say when they want you to find them attractive:
Flirtation can be a beautiful art, crossing gender preferences and generations. It can be subtle or ribald and crass. A good flirtation is an engagement in play.

That said there is nothing that bothers me more than a clumsy flirt, especially those of my own gender, who tackily package a cry for attention into a flirty anecdote. It dishonours the art of the flirt.

Below are some examples:

The Wardrobe Malfunction Story:
Says:"Oh my god, guys, this was so embarassing, but I was on vacation in Bermuda, my push-up bikini top was so clearly not meant for diving, cuz when I resurfaced, it totally fell off, and all these old guys totally saw my boobs."
Means: "I have fabulous boobs. worship the boobies."

Or this:
Says: "I am such a flake. i was walking around all day today not even realising that I my jeans had torn and I had a huge tear beside my butt. And I could feel the cold air wafting in, and everything".
Means: "My sexuality is earthy and serendipitous."

Reassure my Insecurity:
Says: "This guy in marketing asked how old I am and I told him to guess. He guessed 30. Can you believe it? how old do you think I am?"

Means: "I need you to pay more attention to me. And to protect me."

Says: "Omigod, I was just crossing the street, and this car full of drunken gross yahoos shouted: Nice Rack!"
Means: "You are welcome to objectify me, since in case you haven't noticed, everyone else does. But do so in a classier way." Or "I need you to pay more attention to me. And to protect me."

: "I feel really ugly today"
means "I feel really ugly today, in case you hadn't noticed, which you probably already have, but most days I look foxy."

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