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Last swim
I had what was probably the last outdoor swim of the summer at Josh's cottage this weekend. Canoed and Kayaked around lake moira and jumped into the water for a splash around.

The leaves are already turning, and can I ask you is there anythign better than the smell of a bonfire as the leaves are turning red and the sun is bouncing off the lake, making everyone look as though they are seen through a piece of orange glass?

We hiked for an hour at night in the pitch black. No flashlights. All our senses wide awake. I will tell you a secret: I am still a bit scared of the dark. Also: I like being a bit scared.

Update: Paul posted his pictures here. these fraternal twin girls were visiting the neighbours. Their stepdad was being all jerky so I invited them over to throw rocks in the water with me. Next thing you know, they had me taking them for a canoe ride.

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