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I know I have ranted about this before, but bear with me as I rant some more: I can't keep a straight face around people using the gramatically atrocious, syntactically awkward business speak!
It drives me CRAZY.

I remember how Helen and I used to joke about the bizarrely nonsensical "Going Forward".
But it seems to have spread!
I mean, it is tacked on to the end of every sentence going forward.
It makes NO SENSE.

So, to touch on a couple of recent ear clashes:

It is not "In the end of the day" but "At the end of the day". There is no IN in a day. A day is a stretch of time, not a place, and even if it were, it would still be a screaming cliche, much like its gramatically correct sister.

ACTION - it is NOT a verb. Never was, never will be.

ACTION ITEM is even more unlike a verb. If you ask someone to action item something, they will probably want to punch you in the throat (going forward).

the term "quick and dirty" ought to be illegal and it actively makes me want to run screaming from the assignment described as such.

Synergy is firmly entrenched in the 80's. You might as well be wearing your bolero tie and drakkar noir. It is so passe, even complaining about it is unfashionable.

Do not "give him an ask" instead of asking or requesting something. Do not ask: "what is the spend on that?" instead of "how much will it cost".

When you do these things, you are mocking people who are struggling in ESL classes across the country to grasp our language. You are making our language slip into the dark age going forward.

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