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Respeck the Sydney

Yo, mefinks you gots to give the girl some respeck.

Got back from Brooklyn Town last night after a weekend blissing out on babyness.

There is nothing cooler than holding your sister's baby. And Jackie is the cutest mom. And lordy, did that baby scream. And she always wants some boob. And she smiles like an angel. Bring on the babies.

I got to see Rich and Rachel and Jonah and Tamara. But mostly we stayed close to the apartment. Each time we sauntered out with Sydney strapped to Matt's chest, we were confronted with dozens of other sleepy sets of parents with the dads wearing the Baby Bjorn.

I am not particularly afraid to fly, but I always have morbid imaginings of what it would be like to die in a plane crash. On my flight were Derek from the Ceeb, Sophia from my present workplace, and Julianne Moore. Such a small plane with so many recognizable faces. Surely the plane would not crash. If it did, I kept thinking that a national reporter and an A-list actor would make the headlines way before I would. Julianne Moore is very pretty in person. It was hard not to gawk.

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