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True or False?
1) I don't think it was a stunning coup that Kerry was able to crush the likes of Bush in a debate on foreign policy.

2) John Edwards looks an awful lot like Blaine.

3) Dick Cheney reminds me of a terrifying high school principal or a CEO, but not a vice president.

4) I am worried that John Kerry's rise in "the polls" is setting me up with false hope that will be psychically damaging when Bush wins.

5) Should Kerry win Democratic voters will be massively relieved that they can finally start making fun of Kerry instead of focusing on his success.

6) If Bush wins, I am moving to Canada (if I don't live there already).

7) I had a hamburger and fries with the vp debate.

8) Politics is the new hockey.

9) I have never paid so much attention to a political race in my life.

10) People get the government they deserve.

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