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Balance at the drug store
You know the scene" "If you get caught between the moon in new york city" plays softly in the background. You have sufficiently covered your hand with competing shades of sample lipstick and moved on toanti-aging eye hydrating creams in shopper's drug mart, waiting for your perscription to to be filled.

I love drug stores. Maybe it is because my Grandparents owned one in Vancouver, but there is something about the synth music, the hair accessories, the fashion magazines, and the quiet people in the aisles looking at pregancy tests and preparation h.

But at the cosmetics counter, the make-up ladies were having an animated discussion about the Barbara Bush and Teresa Heinz Kerry's separate appearances on Dr. Phil. Good lord, I thought, is NO place free of partisan politics?

At that moment a woman who was far more into denying her age than defying it came up to me, and with some urgency, asked: "Is that the Vichy eye cream? It works?"
"I think so, but I have heard that vaseline applied under your eyes before bed works just as well".
And with that, balance was restored.

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